2018 Franchisee Social Media Photo Competition

Here are the entries for the 2018 Franchisee Social Media Photo Competition. The photos are ‘randomised’ and do not appear in photographer order plus the reference numbers have been allocated at random too.

Have a look at all the photos (click on thumbnail for larger image) and choose your top three – see the photo reference number (001-082) by hovering over the thumbnail image. Then list your choices 1st, 2nd and 3rd and send the reference numbers through to leigh@littleimages.com.au like so…


1st – 010
2nd – 033
3rd – 021


  1. You can’t vote for your own photos (!)
  2. You can vote, even if you did not enter any photos yourself
  3. Voting closes at midnight on Monday 25th June
  4. In the event of a draw, Little Images has the casting vote
  5. Each 1st place vote gets 3 ‘points’, 2nd place 2 and 3rd place 1

By the way… the images may be greyed out for a few seconds after you land on this page before they load fully.