Hi, thanks for getting in touch, I will send you through an email shortly which will help introduce you to Little Images. Even better though, let’s chat about it so I can answer some of your questions. Call me any time on 0412389401, Andrew.

Also, here is a little more about the Little Images Franchise;

What makes the Little Images so popular?

  • Great Lifestyle business!    … you, the franchisee decide where and when you work, our centralised booking system means you can select where you are happy to travel and the days you are happy to work. Most of our franchisees choose to have holidays every school holidays and  other weeks photograph 3, 4 or 5 days a week.
  • Our Customers Love Us!
  • Fast return of the photo day orders!         …Yes on photo day you will already have the money for the photos in your account (Via our custom online ordering), so you can confidently place the orders through our state of the art production facilities the same day the photos are done. Centres across Australia and New Zealand love being able to have their families photo pack the week after photo day.
  • Value for money!        …Yes Little Images has the best value packages and we can do this with our huge buying power and in house production facilities. This means you have the best value packages for your customers and still have great gross profits for you.   ($1000 – $2500 turnover per shoot and  around $500 – $1250 gross profit generally)
  • Amazing Photos   … we train you to take the most amazing photos that parents just fall n love with.  Photos that are natural, close up and personal and capture the true character of each child.  We even offer a lifetime guarantee on all our photos.

Thanks for taking the time to submit your interest and read through this info, I will be in touch soon,